Haidilao hot pot customer brings own noodles to ‘save money’

While learning how to be wise with money is a skill worth acquiring, circumventing business restrictions to save a few dollars might get more criticism than praise.

One TikTok user did just that and recorded herself bringing a pack of dried noodles and dumping it into a hot pot at Haidilao to “save money.”

The 11-second video began with TikTok user @iqzhprius taking out uncooked ramen noodles from under the table.

Photo: TikTok screengrab/iqzhprius

She then tosses it into the hot pot.

Photo: TikTok screengrab/iqzhprius

The video ends with the diners picking the cooked noodles with their chopsticks.

Photo: TikTok screengrab/iqzhprius

The video went viral, with over 9.8 million views and over 620,000 likes to date.

Although a netizen commented that diners didn’t need to bring their own noodles when it’s a buffet, one of the diners from the video noted the venue was not an “all you can eat place.”

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“The noodles are overpriced, and they’re the same kind of noodles as what we brought.”

Meanwhile, a popular comment by a TikTok user wondered if their attempt to save money would backfire in the end. “Wait, imagine the waiter sees it and thinks they forgot to include it, so they add it to the bill.”

Others also noted that noodles were quite cheap, meaning they could have saved more money by bringing another ingredient, perhaps.

“You ordered all of this and brought noodles for saving money? Lol. Noodles are the cheapest,” said a TikTok user.

“If you are saving money, just eat at home,” a netizen suggested in a comment garnering over 15,900 likes.

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Not all comments were criticisms, though, and netizens confirmed that noodles at the restaurant were quite overpriced.

“She ain’t paying 100 bucks for meat and not get full,” said another user. “She’s getting her money’s worth.”/TISG


saving money 😌😌

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