Singaporeans debate whether or not it’s essential to bathe within the morning earlier than going to work

SINGAPORE: Are morning showers obligatory even if you happen to took one the evening earlier than and slept in an air-conditioned room? A Reddit consumer seems to assume so, provided that he has a colleague who smells disagreeable. The smelly colleague, who doesn’t bathe within the morning, argues: “for what bathe, going to sweat once more within the afternoon what?”

U/AckermanFin wrote on Wednesday evening (Could 3), “It’s insanely humid in Singapore not too long ago, and temperatures are rising. We additionally are inclined to sweat extra throughout such seasons. However even this humidity isn’t deterring some from not taking showers within the morning.”

Even within the early morning, “some already scent like moist socks, I can solely think about how they’d scent like when the afternoon solar hits them at 12pm.”

The netizen himself takes two to a few showers day by day and nonetheless appears like this isn’t sufficient.

Nevertheless, his colleague, who doesn’t go for a morning bathe, says he can’t scent himself. However the put up creator says everybody else within the workplace will get the scent.

PSA individuals, we are able to all scent you and that bedhead pillow mustiness even tho you declare you may’t. What about you guys? Do you guys bathe? Or you’ve got that good friend who’s a agency believer that morning showers are redundant.

The query sparked a battle within the feedback thread between the morning showerers and the non-showerers.

“i dont! brush tooth and wash face solely.. sleep in aircon at 20 levels everynight so its kinda freezing…dont sweat,” wrote one.

“Come on, to those that bathe, you do you. I’d reasonably sleep in as a result of I’m already exhausted sufficient. Each second counts. It’s not as if not showering in a morning is equal to popping out of rubbish dum(p). Cease freaking out,” agreed one other.

One commenter stated he was absolutely within the morning-showerer camp.

One other wrote that it wakes him up within the morning.

A much-upvoted remark merely reads, “No.”

However one other one reads, “Sure. I can’t think about not showering earlier than going to work.”


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